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News from bygone days

March 2010, A New Champion!
Rosie CH Blue Heaven's Miss America, daughter of Solomon and Bumper (both champions)
finished her Championship at the all-breed show hosted by the Louisville KY Kennel Club in mid-March

Solomon at Westminster 2010
olomon (Champion Blue Heaven's Star Gazer) showed at Westminster Kennel Club
 at Madison Square Gardens in New York City in February.

Here's Ch. Solomon after taking Best of Breed in January
Judge Adrianna Griffa from Italy, Handler: Joanne Griffith from Canada,
Rhoda, Roger Frey: President of Newfoundland Club of America
and of course, the beautiful Solomon.

December 2008

Ben and Rollo danced on Animal Planet's new show, Dancing With Dogs on December 6th. Ben took a lovely poop for the nation to admire and both did lovely bows. Laurel looked gorgeous in an orange tight something. They were much watched. I think it replayed four times....and beautiful.

Shakoka (Bumper/Solomon) is racking up her points out west.

Omen...son of Celeste and Nemo, brother of Juno and really beating the big guys in California.  He has twice trumped two of the top ten dogs in the country, and one who is the brother of the top Newf in the country. The judge loved him because he was so happy. He's also gorgeous and we might even get a show picture.

And our Elsa, mother of them all, mature, sensible, loyal, intelligent, etc. took her son Ben for a ten hour excursion. Hunters found them resting miles and miles from here and let us know. They took off again...we followed tracks until dark...and finally l0 hours later there was Ben coming up the road toward home. I walked that road a long time calling for Elsa. The dog warden had alerted everyone in the areas (of course he owns a Celeste/Gus puppy Sasha,...and finally the call came in nearer to our house at 8 pm.They'd seen tracks in the snow. While I was out walking the roads, Bob called to say Elsa had just appeared. They'd been on trail with our walker...who was supposed to put one of them each time on a thirty foot lead...and didn't. They took off after a deer about l0 a.m. It was a long day. I told Elsa how disappointed I was in her. She turned her head away from me. She understood. The vet explained when they get lost they run in smaller and smaller circles until they find something familiar.  I guess they did. I think Bob and I gained ten years. Alex sent out prayers. All the neighbors helped. Even though they're microchipped, they didn't have collar tags. We put them on the next day. Life on the farm!

Feb 2009

Elsie (Landseer), daughter of Elsa & Solomon visits with her Uncle Neptune (black),
 Solomon's sister, along with some Leonberger buddies.

On Valentine's Day weekend, Thor showed in Greenville, SC.
Here is the news from owner, Pam Smock.

Friday and Saturday he only took second in his class. On Sunday, he took Winner’s Dog Reserve. All three days it was the same dog that beat him. Our handler said that had that dog finished on Sat instead of today, that Thor would have taken the Major today. He will show again next in April at the Perry show. I will say that a lot of people (some I didn’t know) came to tell us how much they liked him – most mentioned his gait and ribs.

June 22 2008: Ben and Rosie's awesome performance and the puppy Get Together
 at the Newfoundland Regional Specialty in New Paltz, NY.
See pictures and read all about it!

May 2008
Carole Bernard of Tadoussac Newfoundlands training  in the ocean in France
with International Champion Blue Heaven's St. Johns Regatta (aka Rudy, daughter of Katie & Packard).

In case you are not familiar with Rescue Training, in this photo, Rudy is saving Carole.

January 2008

Jan 15th Puppy Baby Shower!
See the
video and the article from the local newspaper!

Jan 15: Juno gets her first major!
Solomon's sister Juno is on the Florida circuit campaigning.
Operative syllable is pain. She did beautifully at the New England
shows but she has been freaking out in the ring in Florida although
perfectly happy when she isn't in the ring. As in dragging the handler.
 It might be because Solomon was with her in New England.
Anyway, she seems to be getting her act together
and took her first major today.




Dec 9th 2007: Solomon (sire of two of the new litters) became a champion!
While we wait for his "moment of glory" picture, here is a previous photo from another show.

 Gus: CH Blue Heaven's Valley Boy (sire of the 3rd litter)

Zeus' Birthday Party April 2008

Eleven years ago Inka had a litter of ten puppies out of Silky.  One of those puppies is a boy named Zeus.  Along the way Zeus became a champion and had three litters.  He is owned by a very nice gentleman who lives in Williamsburg, VA.  Yesterday (4/23) Zeus was eleven years old.  Brad, Zeus's owner, drove up from Williamsburg which is an eight hour drive.  He drove all the way so that we could share Zeus's birthday with him.  It was a very special day for Zeus, for Brad, and especially for us. 

Rhoda made a corn bread and liver birthday cake for Zeus and he ate three pieces all at one.  We think he liked it.  Zeus also took a walk with LaaLaa, his half sister (Silky's daughter) up to the creek beyond our barn.  Then we all went to watch Molly at her drafting class where she pulled a bright red cart.  Molly is Zeus's niece.  So it was really a family get together.  After that we all took another long walk around the park.  The people at the training couldn't believe that Zeus was eleven.

Neither Rhoda nor I could get over how much Zeus looks like his mother Inka.  And Zeus is in amazingly terrific shape for an eleven year old.  Brad and Zeus spent the whole day with us and we were thrilled to share it with them.  Before they left, I made Brad promise to come back for Zeus's twelfth birthday.  We know he will.

Here are some pictures of Zeus and one of Zeus with Lulu who is thirteen and who is Inka's sister and therefore Zeus's aunt. 
We are so proud of them.  We felt the need to share this wonderful event with you.


November 2007

From Laurel Rabschutz: Ben earned his Rally-O RN title in Springfield on Friday.  Ben got a score of 100 and first place. 
Two other dogs had scores of 100, but Ben had the best course time (I still can't believe that).  I'm hooked and will definitely
work with him in Advanced and Rollo in Novice next year.

Okay, everyone, Blue Heaven's Tadoussac Arrow aka Bouba did it. He is so far ahead of everyone in France at the end of the year, he is #l. (see rankings here) Soon they'll make it official. Plus, he also has a championship in Luxembourg, which makes him a MultiChampion. His name is getting very long: Multi Champion Blue Heavens Tadoussac Arrow. But that's not all th enews from France. Rudy (Blue Heavens St Johns Regatta) has a granddaughter  named Suki (who is Rudy's spitting image) who is the #2 Newfy bitch in France followed closely by Rudy's daughter, Ruby, who is #4 ! Way to go,guys.This picture is Bouba.

Theo, after lunching at the weekly Rotary Club meeting, visits the fourth graders at the Chenango Forks Intermediate School.


New Champion! CH Tadoussac U Jules Verne Trophy: Falll 2007
Son of Rudy (Blue Heaven's St. John's Regatta), brother of Celeste, Solomon's uncle and Elsa's uncle. (Celeste, Solomon and Elsa are all about to become parents, see above!) Owned by Alex Rose and Rob Meadows in Los Angeles.

Oct 07: Blue Heaven's Valley Boy (Gus)
has become a champion!
And our little puppy Solomon  (Blue Heaven's Star Gazer, son of Ch. Tadoussac U Rise 'n Shine (Celeste) and ChVN Bacchanal's Captain Nemo) now 150 lbs and coming out of the Puppy class, has won his first major (a 3 point major)!
Thursday, October 18: Katie turns 13!

(CH VN Blue Heaven's Catherine the Great)
just turned 13 years old. READ MORE!!

That is a big accomplishment for a Newfie.  She is a Versatile Newf with all of her working titles as well as her championship. At one point she ranked number 12 Newfie in the country even though she was still a "class" dog and didn't have her championship yet. Kate is the official spokesdog of Katie's Bumpers. Through an animal communicator she gave our daughter the idea for her very successful dog toy business. She was remarkable for her movement.  She is the steadiest girl we've ever had and as good as gold. When we had a lightning strike in the basement and an ensuing fire near the gas tank and electrical areas, she woke us up, took us downstairs to show us. When it was all over and everybody was alright, she leaned against each of the firemen, looked up in their eyes and stared at them. She was thanking them. She knew exactly what had happened and was thanking them for their help. She has a number of grand children and great grandchildren and has produced a number of champions.  She has slowed down the past number of years, but still takes her walks every day, some shorter, some longer.  She still occasionally likes to flirt with the boys, which makes our hearts sing.  She is deaf (which doesn't seem to bother her at all), but her vision is good and her nose is extremely good.

And what is even just as special is that Daisy (who now lives with our daughter Julie in Vermont) will turn 13 in January and Lulu and her sister Dynasty (who lives in Pennsylvania) turned 12 last July. Newton and Willy, sons of Ch. Blue Heaven's Queen of Heaven's litter of 13 puppies, turned 11 in March. God Bless them all.

 To Kate the Great, a very happy birthday and a great big thank you.

and Daisy, who is nearly 13, just became a

Daisy (left) and her pal, Tasha (14 in Dec!)

Yes, that means six generations, alive and well. Here's how this one works:
 Daisy begot Packard who begot Rudy who begot Theo who begot Cash who begot the new litter which was born to Jacquie Brellochs' kennel, Pandaga Newfs.

July 7, 2007.  NEW CHAMPION!
Gus (Blue Heaven's Valley Boy) became a champion today.
He is the brother of Bumper (Blue Heaven's Katie's Bumper) who is also a champion,
and a brother of Bouba (Blue Heaven's Arrow) who is currently the number one Newfie in France. 
Here is his picture when he received his first major. 
His new champion picture will be put up when it is available.

July 2007

Daisy (right), who is 12 1/2 yrs old and the last surviving child of Molly (our original foundation bitch),
with her 4 year old great-grandson, Ch. Tadoussac U The Admiral's Cup (Theo).

1/17/07: Celeste has become a champion! Here is a photo of her winning a 4 point major.


2/07: Solomon, at 9 months was in his first show at Wildwood, New Jersey.
He learned a great deal and behaved like a gentleman

April 15: Ch. Blue Heaven's Arrow aka "Bouba"
 became the #1 Male Newf in France!
View Current Champion List here
Bouba says: "Being #1 is VERY exhausting!"

Bouba's Trail to becoming the #1 ranked Male Newfie in France in Spring 2007
March 13, 2007:
Ch. Blue Heaven's Arrow aka Bouba, son of Ch.BlueHeaven's Secret Dance (Laalaa) and Blue Heaven's Tux of Class is now #3 Newfoundland in France and MOVING forward.
March 17, 2007:
Bouba Update! Earlier this week, we shared with you that Bouba was ranked the #3 Newfie in France. Today we can report that he is ranked #2!
April 15, 2007:
#1! Here's a screenshot of the rankings at the time

Lily, daughter of Ch.Blue Heaven's Yukon Queen and Ch. Blue Heaven's Captain America
On the beach at Wildwood, New Jersey.

Young Duncan, son of Theo & Pandanga's Addicted to You, looking gorgeous
 at the Tioga County Kennel Club show in Owego, NY



August 2006: Kai is a FlyBall champion.  She is the only Newfie still active in flyball in North America
and she is currently the top-ranked flyball Newfie in the world and #5 ranked Newfie of all time.

May 20th: From France, Bouba (Ch. Blue Heaven's Arrow, son of Tux)
took two Best in Shows and a championship in one weekend!!!

April: Cosmo becomes an International Champion! Ch. Blue Heaven's Standard Bearer, an Annie/Packard son,
who also lives in France with Bouba (and owner Carole Bernard and her gaggle of Blue Heaven dogs) finished
gathering his points in Agen, France where he took CAC, CACIB and BOB and also placed 5th in Group 2.

May 22: Pictures of the Summer 2004 litter all grown up have been added and a page filled with pics of Miss Blue.

May 22: After the latest FlyBall tournament, held in Vermont, Kai became the #1 Newf in the world playing Flyball. Here is the FlyBall Association website. Congrats to Kai and owner Cheryl Smagala.


Ch. Tadoussac U The Admiral's Cup (aka Theo)


May13th: Cowboy becomes an Official Therapy Dog. Here's Cowboy on his first day on the job at a Nursing home.


March 16, 2006:
Ben and Rollo, the Dancing Dogs, recently did their dance routine for Nick@Night.
From Laurel (their two-legged partner): "We had so much fun.  We spent 11 hours with the film crew (50 people).  They brought along a caterer from NYC, the boys had roast beef and bottled water."  The air date is scheduled for April 21 (between 10-12PM?).

Feb 13, 2006: Champion Blue Heaven's Bumper was gorgeous at Westminster. Pictures coming. To see her running around Madison Square Garden, go to  the Westminster Kennel Club site. The page with Day 1 videos has a link to Working/Newfoundlands. When you watch the video, there are two Landseers. The smaller one is Bumper

Theo in January 2006 after taking his first major.

"Cowboy" and "Lily" at 8 weeks from Annie & Joey's October 2002 litter.



We love this funny picture of Tux and his "litter"
Laurel Rabschutz and Ben clowning around at "On Course for Kids".

More news from Laurel:

Ben (Blue Heaven’s Magellan) has his CD and also has his FDX (freestyle dog excellent in musical freestyle).

Rollo, Mr. Pretty Boy (Blue Heaven’s Cerberus) has his Ch. CD, WD, and an FDX  in both musical freestyle and heelwork to music.  Rollo is also certified by the Delta Society as a Pet Partner.

Read more about Laurel and her Dancing Dogs here


News from our dogs in France! Rennes National Dog Show, Nov 21: "Bouba" Reserve CACS Winner dog, Rudy CACS Winner bitch & BOS. Laval National Dog Show, nov 28: "Bouba" # 3 open male, "Rudy" CACS Winner bitch & BOS. At the  Vic Barcelona  National Dog Show in Spain (January 2005), Rudy took the CACS Certificate BOS and Cos the CACS Certificate and BOB.  See more about these dogs on their very own website

Oct 2005 A lovely phone call from Paris: Blue Heaven's St. John's Regatta (Rudy), daughter of Katie and Packard, just took her Championship today in Spain.Now she will go to Crufts!!!

Rudy, mother to Theo and Celeste, with her trainer


Here are some puppies from the litter that Theo came from in the Spring of 2003, at four weeks old.

July 2004: Bumper has taken her second major.  She took a four point major in New York and a three pointer in Vermont.  She's getting there.

Gigi: Daughter of Packard & Echo Hill's Ava 11/04
Noah, Best of Winners!

March '05: Bragging...Daisy, who is now over 10 years old, is now living in Vermont with our daughter, Julie, her husband, Rich and Daisy's new best friends, 11-year old Tasha and G.B. the fat cat. (See a photo of the 3 on the bottom of this page.) Daisy, who bounds around like a two year old, went to meet her new vet. After examining her (and not realizing the family ties involved), the vet said to Rich, "I have never seen a newfie this old with no problems. She must come from a very good breeder!" Here is a video of Daisy (in Oct 05, nearly 11 now) running to chase her Katie's Bumper!) Longevity is not a problem here. We have six dogs over 9 years old and two over 10 - all upright and moving.

Puppies 2004 Update. Josie coming into her own.  Molly's Penn Hip showed  90th percentile, which is fabulous.  They are growing up. Apollo, after some serious retraining (less love, more discipline), is now walking the streets of his hometown, on a loose lead,  carrying a backpack and handing out leaflets advertising Mom and Dad's new store in Skaneateles: Apricot Lane.


Fall 2002: 2 Blue Heaven Newfs owned by Laurel Rabschutz are turning heads in Freestyle (Dancing Doggies) Competitions. Ben (Blue Heaven's Magellan) made his freestyle debut at age 5 months by "performing" in 2 on-competitive classes. See more about Ben here. Also, Rollo (Blue Heaven's Cerberus) earned a Heelwork to Music title at the World Canine Freestyle Organization Estern Regional competition in Hershey PA on 9/27-28/2002.  Laurel and Rollo earned 8.0 for Technical Merit and 8.5 for Artistic Impression on a scale of 1-10. More on Rollo the Dancing Dog here.

3 Generations: Silky, Freya (Silky's granddaughter) and Chance (Silky's son)

1998 and 1999 - Two Banner Years
1998 and 1999 were banner years for Blue Heaven. We moved from our home of 26 years in Cazenovia, NY. We achieved two ROM's, took an Award of Merit at Westminster and got five championships, three from one litter alone, and after a lot of hard work Katie got her VN.

1998 - Even though moving kept us very busy in 1998, we were still able to announce with pleasure that we received championships for three girls from one of Ishtar's litter, CH Blue Heaven's Yukon Queen (Annie), CH Blue Heaven's You Go Girl (Shanayne), and CH Blue Heaven's Queen of the Zodiac (Zoey). Along the way Annie took some fat Best of Breeds. Shanayne took Best of Winners at the Newfie Nationals and then was chosen Select. No one can remember the last time a bitch was chosen Select from the classes. Shanayne's mother, Ishtar, had also been chosen Select in 1994, but she already had her championship at the time. CH Blue Heaven's Rascal's Rowdy (Rowdy) also got his championship, making a total of four champions in 1998.

1999 - In 1999 we were especially proud to announce that Katie, who had her CD, DD, WD as well as her championship, passed her WRD (Water Rescue Dog). This made her a VN (Versatile Newf). It was the first VN for Blue Heaven and we were very pleased to add this title to our kennel. But this isn't the end for Katie. She loves to work and is a very talented dog. We plan to give her opportunities to achieve greater things as long as she is anxious to work.

Annie was selected an Award of Merit Newfoundland at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club show in Madison Square Garden in 1999.

CH Blue Heaven's Over the Rainbow (Bo), who is Ben's grandson and reminds us so much of him, got his championship in 1999.

Also, in 1999, two of our ladies were among the handful of bitches honored as Register of Merit (ROM) bitches. Walden Pond Shore Acres Molly (Molly) and her daughter CH Blue Heaven's Queen of Heaven (Ishtar) have produced enough titled children (conformation and working titles) to become ROM's. In the history of Newfoundland Register of Merits awards, only ten landseer bitches have been ROM bitches. Molly and Ishtar were numbers nine and ten. We are very, very proud of them and their children. The two ladies have brought great recognition to our small kennel.