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Watercolor by
Sinclair Stratton

April 9, 2002 Annie's Litter             (click here for LaaLaa's 4/27 litter)

(Updated 6/25/02)

Two puppies, both boys. Big and healthy and beautiful. 10 week pics are below!

Click here to see photos of the parents.

These pictures were taken when the puppies were 36 hours old.
They each weigh 2 pounds already!

Puppy One - Now named "Destiny"
Puppy One
Puppy Two - now named "Ben"
Puppy Two

At 6 days...

At 3 weeks (and 7 pounds!)...

and at 10 weeks... and 36 pounds

Destiny (aka Puppy #1):

Ben (aka Puppy #2):