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Watercolor by
Sinclair Stratton

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Ben (far left), Toby and Molly, in her little hat, at Jill (Rhoda/Bob daughter) & Greg's 1991 wedding

My name is Rosie. Here is what I looked like at 3 months. Some change!


My name is Silky. That's my sister Rosie behind me. This is when I was three months old. My mom remembers that at 3 weeks I was the first of my litter to climb out of the whelping box. So she kept me.

Silky at 5 years - a lion in the jungle.


My name is Rollo. I'm 4 months old and this is my good friend, the Marmot.

This is Noah - all grown up
(ok, we admit it, the photo has been "re-touched")

Rosie getting the respect she deserves from her puppies, Jonah and Lady Jane


Yes, my name is Lulu, but keep away
  from me with that brush!

Rhoda visits with Jonah and Lady Jane in their new California home

Rosie playing with one of Ishtar's puppies
Rosie with Ishtar puppy

Desdamona (Katie/Packard Daughter) demonstrating the typical rough life of a Blue Heaven Newf

Here is Desdamona again with her pal. Boy does she look like Katie!!

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