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Watercolor by
Sinclair Stratton

Blue Heaven's Family Album
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Lily, who's picture won a prize from the local paper in October 2009

Lily's brother, Cowboy, right, with his pal Chester, Christmas 2008

Cousin Sampson, our daughter and son-in-law's rescue,
 enjoying the leaves in his new Vermont  home

Loki at 22 months


Boo, the Newfie, and her brother, Eisenhower, the pig.
Eisenhower rests up in his pool before going over to the neighbors to
pick up Drake, the lab, and bring him back home to play with Boo (sister of Juno and Solomon).
Then, Eisenhower invites the playmates inside after playtime.


Thor gets his wag on (Spring 2010)

Ben, Blue Heaven's Navigator, took Best of Show at a match in Marcellus, New York.
 The judge said she loved his structure and movement. So do we.
We're also proud of Junior Handler, Jon Corcoran, who was the handler.

Gideon and Jon Corcoran, Junior Handler, getting ready for Giddy's first show

A Birthday Party
Theo and Laalaa's daughters, Lola and Blue, have a birthday party with the Hill Family.
 Their third dog, Cooper out of Solomon and Elsa (sister to above) likes cake even though it isn't his birthday yet.

Cooper gets his cake while Blue decides that plates are just not necessary.


2011: We just got this great picture of Paddy,
son of LaaLaa and Theo, who is now 6 1/2.

Black Jack and his kids Christmas 2010

Leo's first point.
Best of Winners, with handler Sara Gregware in Shelton, Connecticut.
 Leo is an Elsa, Solomon son. from the BIG litter (Nov 2008).

On August 21, 2010 Ben got his first point at the Tioga County Kennel Club in Owego, NY.
Look at that head! Sure looks like his old man, Solomon, below.

Annie Simone (daughter of Solomon and Top Mast Nola) running a Standard Novice agility course

We are proud to introduce
Daughter of Ch. Blue Heaven's Stargazer (Solomon) and Ch.Blue Heaven's Katies Bumper


Gideon the lap dog and Oliver who live with Tom & Bonnie Duff, who learned that the boys are not the best watch dogs.
Got a phone call around 8:00 PM…one of our contractors. Said he was at the back door, knocking, evidently we couldn’t hear him.
Said Oliver jumped up on the door, looked at him and ran off, then came back, jumped up on the door again with a ball in his mouth, wagging his tail. Neither one of them even barked. Some Watch dogs!

Snuggle Heaven
Blue looks so pretty after her visit to the groomers!
Margs looks good too, even without going to the groomers!
Blackjack...swimming is for ninnies

____________________ On Vacation ____________________

Halo, Omen & Jules took Alex & Rob on a beautiful vacation in the Pacific Northwest
in the summer of 2011. Click on the montage to see the pics in their full glory.

________Best of Breed! Yay Libby!_______
Libby, a Solomon Daughter
 takes Best of Breed & Best of Winners in August 2010

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