Blue Heaven Kennels: Our French Contingent
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Watercolor by
Sinclair Stratton

Our French Contingent

January 2006

Rudy & Bouba #3 in Brace

Fall 2005

News from our dogs in France! Rennes National Dog Show, Nov 21: "Bouba" Reserve CACS Winner dog, Rudy CACS Winner bitch & BOS. Laval National Dog Show, nov 28: "Bouba" # 3 open male, "Rudy" CACS Winner bitch & BOS. At the  Vic Barcelona  National Dog Show in Spain (January 2005), Rudy took the CACS Certificate BOS and Cos the CACS Certificate and BOB.  See more about these dogs on their very own website

Fall 2003

Cosmo wins #1 in Obedience and #1 in points for the combination of Obedience, Agility, Water Work and Cart Pulling

Orleans, France Terrenova Challenge 2003

Rudy and Cosmo

(and owner, Carol, and a friend)

Cosmo so glamorous

Rudy as a pup