Blue Heaven Kennels: Daisy
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Watercolor by
Sinclair Stratton


Blue Heaven's Daisy Daisy, CD
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Daisy Daisy

Daisy at 8

Daisy and her best buddy, Silky

Feb 11 years old, Daisy is still not just active,
but running around like a 5 year old! When she
gets outside in the morning, her first task is to roll
around on the ground (a total act of joie de vie) and
then she hops up and down waiting for a
bumper to be thrown so she can go fetch it. Then she
just prances around with her bumper in her mouth. She
floats up and down stairs still and is a constant
source of amazement and joy.
In addition, she lives with 12 year old Tasha, who,
though not quite as agile as Daisy, is still very active
and happy.

Daisy and Tasha are pictured with their pal, G.B., at the
bottom of the home page of this website.