Blue Heaven Kennels: Feb 2000 Litter Katie/Packard Puppies
Blue Heaven Kennels
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Watercolor by
Sinclair Stratton

Katie & Packard's January 2000 Litter
(there are many photos, so keep scrolling down)

One of the three black recessive males at 2 weeks


One of the five landseer females at 2 weeks


Below, at four weeks


"Harry" at four months


...and at one year, looks just like his dad!
Dreyfus & Gabriel (8 mos) visiting LaaLaa
"Gabriel" (at right), at four months
Does that moon-y eyes look run in the family?

"Rudy", our girl in Paris, France. 
Relaxing by the sea in France at 3 months.
See more pics of Rudy

Mrs. Flynn doing her best Hollywood pose

Her sister Kai on land and in water

 Dreyfus is as much of a ham in front of the camera
 as the rest of his siblings. Here he is at 13 months
 and already 130 lbs. 

NYC boy, Gabriel (aka "the mayor of E. 65th Street), teaches his best buddy how to really enjoy all the comforts of home. This couch is not just white, it is SILK!!!





Harry's First Point!
Harry's First Point

Dreyfus at  2 2/1 yrs.

Dreyfus struttin' his stuff!

Dreyfus again! Ain't he gorgeous?

Dreyfus and Chris. This picture is NOT doctored.
This is a very tall dog, though he is jumping and feet are NOT touching the ground!!